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Apr 21–23


New Castle Motorsports Park New Castle, IN
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Jan 05

USPKS and Route 66 Sprint Series Move to Tighten Tech on Yamaha Engines

posted by Mark Coats on 05 Jan 2017

In response to concerns raised by Yamaha competitors and industry engine builders, the USPKS and Route 66 series have moved to eliminate some of the “gray” areas that have been part of the rules packages used by most of the major US race series that allow the Yamaha engine. These gray areas have been consistently pushed by some competitors, to a point that we believe is detrimental to the sport of kart racing. An email from Series Tech Director, Rick Jump, was recently sent to the major engine builders involved in the Series. The relevant text of that letter appears below:

Since the last race of the 2016 season, we have been busy taking a closer look at the Yamaha engine Technical regulations. Based on what we were seeing last year in our tech inspections, we believe the boundaries have been pushed beyond a reasonable level, by some parties. Our intent is not to eliminate the Yamaha engine, but to get everyone back to a fair and even playing field. USPKS and Route 66 Series intends to do what is good for Karting and be a leader in addressing issues, and we feel strongly that this is one issue we need to get in front of. With the machining technology out there, almost anything is possible. To address this, we will be implementing new rules, and even a new tech tool, for checking the transfer ports. Many of you saw us testing this in last few races of 2016. This should help turn the rule book back to black and white, and help eliminate the gray areas.

The following changes will be in effect for the 2017 season in both series.

Minimum Blow down - 0.390” (was 0.380)

WA55B Carburetor:
“Tentative” Minimum Throttle Shaft Diameter - 0.182”
“Tentative” Maximum Diameter Throttle Shaft Hole - 0.1875” (Hole cannot be egg shaped)

Other areas of closer scrutiny will be the exhaust and transfer ports. As we all know, the ports are not straight, and when taking measurements, they vary from one end to the other. If we see ports that have close to the same reading all the way across, more than likely, we will keep cylinder for further investigation.

As always, I will listen to your feedback, but I have talked to a number of you and have received a positive response on this matter. I appreciate your cooperation with this next step forward.

Rick Jump - Tech Director

Dec 05


posted by Mark Coats on 05 Dec 2016

The 2016 officially came to a close on Saturday night at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield, Illinois. Congratulations to all of our class Champions. The complete story will be on line later this week.
Thank you to all of our racers & their families for making the Route 66 Sprint Series a great success without you and our great sponsors & shops, this would not be possible.
I would like to thank the entire Route 66 Sprint Series Staff for attending the banquet and for making the series what it is today.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.

Oct 25


posted by Mark Coats on 25 Oct 2016

The following will be receiving Awards at the 2016 Champions Banquet.

IAME 125 Senior
TJ Koyen
John Hotz
Adam Crepin
Porter Weisensel
Aaron Bromberek

Kaden Wharff
Kyle Thome
Taylor Maas
Nicholas Terlecki
Keegan Bosch
JJ Hansen
James Lynch
Parker Abed
Aidan Hinds
Kyle Ford

Christian Miles
Elliot Cox
Evan Zarbo
Ryker Mattes
Dane Sensel
Hunter Pruitt

Stephen Dial
Maks Kowalski
Max Peichel
Cole Sensel

Indy Ragan
Austin Olds
Cameron Brinkman
Dane Van Dyck
Sean Dixon
Ethan Pogue
Brayden Zirves
Kyle Cottingim
Chase Ermeling
Jeremy Schwanbeck

Kaden Wharff
Ktly Thome
Logan Adams
Taylor Maas
Lucas Smalec
Garrett Adams
James Lynch
JJ Hansen
Parker Abed
Keegan Bosch
Connor Churchill
Zach Collins

Aidan Harrington
Matthew Northrop
Michael Paterno
Tristan Farber
Zach Della
Dillon Schwanbeck
Jeremy Fierke
Greg Della
Arie Venberg
Jack Dorsey
Brian Rettig
Vince Scatena

Elliot Cox
Kasey Williams
Pierce Sonderup
Christian Miles
Ava Dutton
Trevor Johnson

Dakota Pesek
Adam Crepin
Emily Hurlbert
Collin Griffin
PJ Lyda
Killian Keaveny
Josh Fierke
Kyle Gluth
Brant Carter
Carter Pease
Aaron Bromberek
Jeff Lyda

* A competitor must attend any 8 of 10 scheduled race events in order to qualify for Championship Awards.
** In our 3 largest classes, we are paying back to 12th place.

Sep 28


posted by Mark Coats on 28 Sep 2016

The 2017 Route 66 Sprint Series class structure will remain the same as the 2016 class structure. The only possible change will be in the Kid Kart Class. There will be an announcement on the Kid Kart Class Engine in the next 30 days. All of the Yamaha & IAME Classes will not be changed, with the exception of IAME X-30 Juniors weight. We are looking at raising the weight in the IAME X-30 Junior Class to 330 pounds.
As mentioned in an earlier press release we will be remaining on MG Tires for the next season.
The schedule looks pretty solid. I will be getting with the tracks to get signed contracts. Once they are signed the official schedule will be confirmed.

May 22


posted by Mark Coats on 22 May 2016

This is just a friendly reminder to our racers to make your racing experience with our series a good one.
1) Purchase Pit Passes
2) Check in with the person doing pit parking & get your trailer parked
3) Pick up your drivers packet. In the drivers packet, you will find a Pre-Tech Form. You need to get this done sometime Thursday or Friday. You will also need to get your tires scanned. All of this needs done before race day. If you wait until Saturday morning, you might miss a practice session. Currently only 50% of the racers do this on setup day or practice day.
4) Make sure you have a charged working transponder Or rent one at registration.
5) FUEL TESTING - The series has stepped up our fuel testing program. Old fuel tanks and fuel jugs that have had everything under the sun put in them will not pass the new fuel tester. If you have any questions, check with our Tech Director Rick Jump or Tim Anderson.
6) OFFICIAL FUEL SUPPLIER - Sunoco 110 Fuel purchased from Express Karts & Parts is the Official Fuel for the Route 66 Sprint Series.
It must be mixed with either 6 ounces, 7 ounces or 8 ounces of REDLINE OIL. Your Redline Oil may be purchased from your favorite Kart Shop.
If you have any questions at the events, please check in with one of our friendly staff members at the Route 66 Sprint Series Trailer.
Thank you & see you at the races.