Route 66 Sprint Series Event Coverage

Lemke and Griffin Triple at Mid-State Route 66 Series - Vancil takes Ribtect Yamaha Shootout Cash

Coverage from route 66 sprint series 2013 round 5

The Russell Karting Specialties/L & T Manufacturing Route 66 Sprint Series presented by Bridgestone/Margay and Grand Products held round five on September 21st and 22nd at Mid-State Raceway located near Springfield, IL. The event was sponsored by B & B Electric and was named the Loren Niehaus Memorial Event in honor of Loren Niehaus who was a founding member of Mid-State Kart Club and a long time WKA series tech official. Over 230 entries competed over the weekend for the bonus points offered for the final event of the season. Also featured this weekend was the first annual Ribtect Yamaha Senior Shootout where a $1500 purse was up for grabs. After a few Friday morning rain showers, the weather improved with clear skies and perfect 70 degree days over the weekend.

Two drivers were able to take triple wins. Brandon Lemke won the Yamaha Sportsman I and II class finals and the Komet Sportsman I final. Collin Griffin took three final wins in the Yamaha Senior Can Lite and Heavy and the Komet classes. Double class winners included Camrin Cass in the Kid Karts, Becker Reardon in the Yamaha Junior classes and Colton Ramsey in the Leopard 125 classes

Mid-State Kart Club (MSKC) welcomed the Route 66 Series competitors with over $25,000 in recently completed improvements including an upgrade that leveled the formerly rolling pit area and expanded the gravel parking areas. Other recent improvements included the post-tech inspection area which had a new concrete floor and an improved grading for the run-off area behind the back straightaway. MSKC also hosted a free pork chop dinner on Saturday evening for everyone in attendance.

At the Saturday morning driver’s meeting, a set of Bridgestone YLC tires was won by Mason Maine in a drawing sponsored by Margay/Bridgestone. More giveaways were also drawn for at the Sunday morning driver’s meeting with lots of hats and T-shirts given away.

The featured event of the weekend was the Ribtect Yamaha Senior Shootout. Adam Crepin qualified on pole and was awarded a set of Bridgestone YLC tires for his effort. In the 30-lap shootout, Justin Vancil and Robby McQuinn quickly moved to the front of the pack and worked together to pull away from the rest of the field. Crepin dropped out on lap eight with a broken chain and Jason Birdsell, Kindra Hulbert and Cal Stewart also pulled off early. By the end of the race, Vancil and McQuinn had pulled out to a ten second lead and Vancil beat McQuinn to the finish by .162 seconds. Rounding out the top five were Ben Hewitt, Collin Griffin and Eric Bartsch. Vancil took home the $500 first place prize and the top three were also awarded crystal trophies sponsored by the USPKS Series.

Saturday Results:

RLV Yamaha Senior Lite final: 1. Collin Griffin; 2. Mike Prokup; 3. Robby McQuinn; 4. Brad Brittin; 5. Christian Davis

Triple E Sales Yamaha Sportsman I final: 1. Brandon Lemke; 2. Austin Schaff; 3. Matthew Northrop; 4. Luke “Spike” Kohlbecker; 5. Stephan Dial

Hollywood Crane Service Kid Kart I Championship final: 1. Camrin Cass; 2. Kasey Gish; 3. Nicholas Martens; 4. Conner Churchill; 5. Dylan Julien

Franklin Motorsports Leopard 125 I final: 1. Colton Ramsey; 2. Michael Geringer; 3. Elliot Finlayson; 4. Adam Crepin; 5. Kindra Hurlbert

Woltjer Racing Engines Yamaha Junior Heavy final: 1. Becker Reardon; 2. Kenlen Morse; 3. Emily Hurlbert; 4. Dillon Morley; 5. Joshua Fierke

Schwanbeck Family Racing Komet Sportsman I final: 1. Brandon Lemke; 2. Giovanni Bromante; 3. Austin Schaff; 4. Alex Bertagnoli; 5. Sam Mayer

Jet Karting Yamaha Rookie I final: 1. Maks Kowalski; 2. Mark Fineis; 3. Talan Drake; 4. Cameron Christ; 5. Blake Bauman

Ballistic Designs Yamaha Masters final: 1. Chad Kruger; 2. Dave Timmerman; 3. Matthew Roberts; 4. Brian Zirves; 5. Steven Everitt

Ribtect Yamaha Senior Shootout: 1. Justin Vancil; 2. Robby McQuinn; 3. Ben Hewitt; 4. Collin Griffin; 5. Eric Bartsch

Sunday results:

Haddock Limited Komet final: 1. Collin Griffin; 2. Killian Keaveny; 3. Christian Besasie; 4. Brad Brittin; 5. Ryan Weyer

Express Karts & Parts Komet Sportsman II final: 1. Giovanni Bromante; 2. Alex Bertagnoli; 3. Sam Mayer; 4. Brandon Lemke; 5. Austin Schaff

Hollywood Crane Service Kid Kart II final: 1. Camrin Cass; 2. Pierce Sonderup; 3. Kasey Gish; 4. Conner Churchill; 5. Dylan Julien

Laukaitis Racing Yamaha Senior Heavy final: 1. Collin Griffin; 2. Robby McQuinn; 3. Mike Prokup; 4. Adam Crepin; 5. Christian Davis

Switch Racing Engines Yamaha Sportsman II final: 1. Brandon Lemke; 2. Sam Mayer; 3. Austin Schaff; 4. Giovanni Bromante; 5. Luke “Spike” Kohlbecker

Comet Kart Sales Yamaha Junior Lite final: 1. Becker Reardon; 2. Killian Keaveny; 3. Kenlen Morse; 4. Jeremy Fierke; 5. Alec Evers

Kart Lift Leopard 125 II final: 1. Colton Ramsey; 2. Michael Geringer; 3. Anthony Granata; 4. Elliot Finlayson; 5. Adam Crepin

CKT Racing Engines Yamaha Rookie II final: 1. Talan Drake; 2. Maks Kowalski; 3. Mark Fineis; 4. Caden Paszkiewicz; 5. Joshua Hansen.

Merlin chassis captured the most wins over the weekend with five followed by Tony Kart (4), Birel (3) and Margay, Top Kart and RK with one win each. For the complete race results, visit

The Route 66 Series awards banquet is scheduled for November 16 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield, IL. Last year over $60,000 in awards and merchandise were awarded at the banquet